The Myths of Male Infertility Treatment

Male infertility treatment is available for men who face problems producing a child. There are nearly 20% to 25% couples affected by infertility problems. It has been established by studies that either man or woman can be the reason behind failure in conceiving. Many male infertility treatments are available nowadays to cure them of the dysfunctions. But, still there are certain myths that exist in the society about this treatment.

Myth: Men Can Never Be Infertile

Fact: People have a common myth that a man cannot be infertile. But, there are scientific evidences that male infertility is common due to certain problems in the men. There can be a low sperm count or low motile sperms, making men incapable of producing a child.

Myth: Infertility Is Sterility

Fact: People believe that infertility in men means they are sterile. But, sterility means total absence of sperm production, which makes pregnancy impossible. Certain problems in men make them less fertile, and this type of infertility is referred to as sub-fertility in medical terminology. These sub-fertile men can be medically treated to have their own child.

Myth: Infertility Is Age-Related

Fact: There is a common belief that male infertility is due to age, but most of the problems in men have been proved to be due to disturbances in hormone levels. It can occur to men at any age and based on severity, these can be corrected or one should take the help of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in order to give birth to a child.

Myth: Infertility Is Incurable

Fact: Another common myth about male infertility is that it is not curable. However, the actual fact is there are several male infertility treatment options available; these treatment methods can rectify or reduce the problems of infertile men. Sperm count problems, motility problems or ejaculation problems can be rectified and the chances of pregnancy can be improved.

Myth: Varicoceles Do Not Cause Infertility

Fact: As per another myth, Varicocele is not treated as an abnormality causing male infertility. In some men, there will be an abnormal dilation in the internal spermatic vein, which is  usually seen on the left side of the scrotum. This condition is called as Varicocele, and this is an important factor that contributes to infertility in men.

Myth: Azoospermia Is Incurable

Fact: People generally believe that men with azoospermia can not produce children. But, there are two types of azoospermia. One is obstructive azoospermia, where the person produces sperm that does not come out in semen due to blockage in the male reproductive tract. Corrective surgery can be done to remove this blockage and they  help in achieving pregnancy. Another form of azoospermia is non obstructive azoospermia, where there is no production of sperm or very less number of sperms are produced.

Breaking all the myths regarding male infertility, many advanced treatments have arrived at present. So, if you face male infertility problems, then you should see a good fertility specialist who can diagnose the underlying problem and advise the appropriate corrective treatment for you.

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