The Cost and Financing of Assisted Hatching

The assisted hatching is a procedure that is used to assist the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process. The assisted hatching is basically a procedure that will open the protective layer of the egg to make the fertilization easier.

The assisted hatching process may be performed using different methods, and the costs of assisted hatching will depend on the method used.

Cost of Assisted Hatching

The approximate costs for an assisted hatching is between $400 and $1,000. The price variations may be due to the different methods that can be used. The assisted hatching can be done:

  • Mechanically by employing a machine that will pierce the zona pellucida of the egg and removing the protective layer
  • Chemically by adding an acidic solution to the egg using a tiny needle. The zona pellicuda will be softened and then the egg is washed in a special solution
  • Through lasers, which will remove the protective layer, but may also damage the egg

The laser technology will be more expensive, due to the devices used.

Additional Costs

Typically, the woman or couple that undergoes assisted hatching will also consider an in vitro fertilization procedure, which can cost $12,000 on average.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance won’t cover the costs for the assisted hatching procedure.

Financing Options

Due to the fact that the costs of assisted hatching are not high, the couple can finance the procedure using a credit card. However, the couple may face additional costs associated with IVF, so they may opt for a medical loan.

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