Cost and Financing Single Embryo Transfer

Single embryo transfer is a method of improving your chances of successfully achieving conception. It is useful for many couples who have been unable to conceive through normal processes. For instance, if the male partner has low sperm count or motility, difficulty maintaining an erection or other problems, or if the female partner has difficulty with her natural egg cycle, single embryo transfer can be a good choice of options. Like many other types of fertilization methods, however, the costs of this procedure can be quite high.

Costs of Single Embryo Transfer

In order to understand the costs associated with single embryo transfer procedures, it's necessary first to be aware of the different parts of the procedure itself. First, the procedure will involve a number of preliminary tests and steps in order to determine the best viability of the eggs and to monitor the uterus for the ideal time in which to implant the embryo after the egg has been fertilized.

Next, a number of eggs must be surgically extracted from the ovaries. A sperm sample that is viable will also need to be collected. Subsequently, the eggs will need to each be fertilized in the lab using the sperm sample, and will then need to be monitored closely to watch for viability. The most successful of the embryos will then be implanted into the uterus and the entire situation must then be monitored to make sure that the operation was a success.

Due to the many different parts of this procedure, as well as the series of consultations that must happen before the procedure can even begin, the total cost of a single embryo transfer can vary from about $5000 up to about $15,000. The variation in cost will be due to a number of different factors, including the difficulty that the fertility specialists have in extracting eggs and sperm and in implanting the fertilized embryo back into the uterus.

Financing Single Embryo Transfer

While the initial cost of the single embryo transfer procedure may seem daunting, there are a number of ways to consider financing this operation so that you can adequately pay for it. For instance, a few different insurance policies will help to cover the costs of this procedure, if the fertility problems that you're experiencing are a result of particular types of medical conditions.

More likely, however, you'll need to cover the costs of the transfer procedure on your own. Still, there are ways to help finance the procedure. Speak with the fertility doctor and the clinic that you decide to work with for a better idea of different options. Many people will offer different payment options in order to split up the costs of the embryo transfer so that you'll be able to pay over an installment plan or with multiple payments.

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