Single-Embryo Transfer: Embryo Number

For single embryo transfer, the odds of a successful embryo implantation into the uterus are about as high as they can possibly be as compared with any other type of fertility treatment. This revolutionary type of embryo implantation has become one of the most popular means of assisting with fertility issues for a number of couples throughout the United States and elsewhere in the world as well.

Number of Embryos

Typically, a number of different eggs will be removed from a woman's ovaries as part of the single embryo transfer procedure. Each of these eggs will be kept and will be fertilized with sperm from the male partner. However, as the name of the procedure suggests, only one of the the fertilized eggs will be implanted into the uterus for potential conception.


Many people wonder why there is only one embryo that is typically placed into the uterus as part of the process of single embryo transfer. Studies have shown that this mode of implanting the embryo provides just a good of a chance of conception as double embryo transfer. Additionally, it is much less likely that a twin pregnancy will develop. For this reason, many fertility specialists recommend single embryo transfer over double.

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