Cost and Financing Gestational Carrier Programs

Gestational carrier programs are quite expensive. In addition to paying for the program and the fee owed to the carrier, the donors of the egg and sperm used in the agreement must frequently travel to check on and keep in contact with the carrier. Depending on the location of the carrier, these costs can quickly become quite high.

Average Costs

The average costs of carrier programs differ based on the location of the carrier and the program. The donors will be required to make several trips to the area to:

  • sign up and agree to program rules
  • be present during the embryo transfer and ensure that the carrier becomes pregnant after the transfer
  • check in with the program and the carrier during the pregnancy
  • be present for the birth and subsequent adoption

These requirements will include costs of air fare, rental cars, hotel rooms and other travel incidentals. Depending on whether both or one donor makes the trip, these expenses can double. The more time a donor spends with the carrier, furthermore, the more often these expenses will be incurred. The actual numerical costs of these expenses depend on the location of the parties involved.


Unfortunately, most of these expenses will not be covered by insurance and will therefore fall to the donors. Additionally, there is very little means to finance these costs except through private financing. A bank or local lending group may be willing to provide financing for these costs, but this is dependent on the donor’s income and the anticipated amount of the loan. Of course, as it would be a loan that would finance these costs, interest would accrue on the borrowed funds.

Program Financing

Being aware of the expenses of gestational carrier programs; many companies that manage such programs offer financing to the donors. Similar to any other loan, this financing is dependent on the donor’s income, but often the interest rate charged is much less than if the loan were obtained through an independent bank. Additionally, because the loan will be arranged by the company, there may be fewer questions asked about its need and other specifics.

Prior to choosing a program, investigate whether the program offers financing to participants. This option may make one program fit your needs better than another. If a program does not have financing options, inquire about whether the work with banks or private lending agencies to finance the program's costs.

Other Financing Options

Of course, program participants have many private options when it comes to funding their gestational carrier endeavor. Credit cards and secondary home loans can provide the money needed to travel to and from the carrier or company’s location. Credit cards, furthermore, may provide extra benefits such as travel points or money back for dollars spent. However, these options often have quite high interest rates and may create more debt that needs to be repaid. Another, often overlooked, option is charitable donations from religious or community groups that are dedicated to families and reproduction.

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