5 Psychological Effects of Sperm Donation

There are a number of issues and concerns surrounding the concept of sperm donation, both amongst the people who consider and eventually do participate in the procedure and by the general public as a whole. Sperm donation is, on the one hand, the primary way that many women have to become pregnant and raise a child. However, it's not uncommon for men who've donated sperm to have regrets about the experience or to suffer from other psychological effects. Consider the following potential effects of donating sperm before you consider seriously participating in this activity.

1. Regret

Many men experience a sense of regret after having donated sperm. If you're planning to donate sperm for the monetary gain that is to be had, understand that you may experience a deep sense of regret over having lost control of certain reproductive qualities of your life immediately after the procedure.

2. Fear

Some men experience short- and long-term fear over the possibility of a potential biological child contacting them later on in life. When you donate your sperm to a sperm bank, you leave the possibility open that you will become the biological father to a child at some point in the future. Depending upon the adoption and privacy laws in your state and country, that offspring may be able to seek you out and find you at a certain point in his life. The idea of dealing with a confrontation of this type inspires fear and anxiety in some men.

3. Sense of Accomplishment

For those who donate sperm as a way of helping others, whether it's a specific woman that you know or women with fertilization troubles in general, the procedure of donating sperm can be a positive one that results in a great sense of accomplishment. The chance to significantly change someone's life by giving them the opportunity to mother and raise a child is an extremely powerful opportunity for some people.

4. Religious Issues

Many men suffer from religious-based regret, shame and other emotions as a result of donating sperm. Many churches and religious groups frown upon this procedure, and whether or not you hold beliefs that discourage you from donating sperm at the time that you make the donation, you may later feel those compulsions and come to regret your earlier decision.

5. Sadness

It's also possible to feel sad after donating sperm. Many men feel that the idea of fatherhood, whether or not they're actually connected to the child or involved in his at all, is a concept that they are unwilling to give up too easily. Unfortunately, this realization comes up for many only after the donation procedure has taken place.

Before you think of donating sperm, take some time to weigh out these possible psychological effects. Speak with others for additional advice on how you might be affected by the procedure.

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