Sperm Donation Process for Donors

Sperm donation is a complex process that will involve several stages. The entire process can take up to 6 months, due to fact that the HIV test that has to be taken twice. If you are interested in donating semen, you should get informed on what happens starting from the first stage to the actual process of donation.

Filling out an Application

The first stage of sperm donation is filling out an application which may be done online or at the sperm bank. There will be questions about your personal coordinates, such as height, weight, health questions and others. You will also have to sign a consent that you agree to undergo a medical screening and a psychological evaluation. Read the contract carefully.

You will be then contacted for an interview and for the rest of the medical tests. You may not be contacted right away or it may take several weeks, depending on how busy the sperm bank personnel is.


Some sperm banks may schedule an interview that may contain questions about your medical history, family medical history, your lifestyle and dietary habits.

There may also be additional questions established by each committee in part.

Psychological Evaluation

The psychological evaluation will test you mental health, as there are a few psychological conditions that are hereditary and people with these problems cannot be sperm donors.

Medical Screening

The medical screening will contain a general consult and a few blood and urine tests. These will test if you have any hereditary diseases or sexually transmitted diseases. The first HIV test will be performed as well.

Expect to have your reproductive system checked as well. The consult and the tests will be performed at a clinic indicated by the sperm bank.

Sperm Donation

If you pass the medical screening and the psychological evaluation, you will be asked to come in and donate. You will be given a private room and possibly some materials (magazines or videos) to help you collect the semen.

The semen will be collected in a sterile cup, which you will deposit at the bank, and it will be kept in quarantine for 6 months.

Second HIV Testing

Due to the fact that the HIV may not show up on tests during the first 6 (or even more) months after it is contracted, a second HIV test will be performed.

For this reason, the donated sperm will be kept in quarantine in a freezer, and only if the second HIV test is negative, it will be put to use.

Duration of Process

Even if the actual donation takes only a few minutes, the entire process including the medical screening and interview may take between 6 weeks and 6 months. In exceptional cases, the process can be sped up and the test results can be obtained faster. However, this can only be applied in sperm donors that are 100% sure that they are not affected by HIV.

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