What is Sperm Donation?

Sperm donation is the process in which men donate their sperm to a sperm bank for fertility reasons or for research. Sperm donation is for couples who cannot conceive a child because of male infertility. Sperm donation is also used by lesbian couples or single women wanting to have a family.

Who Is Eligible to Donate Sperm?

A man that is healthy with no diseases can donate sperm. Sperm donors must go through tests to make sure that they are not carrying any genetic diseases, HIV/AIDS, STDs or other conditions. The donor must not be adopted, and be between the ages of 18 and 44. The donor will submit a sample to the bank. The bank will then test the sperm for count, quality, and how well it freezes.

Many sperm banks require the male to donate 4 to 8 sperm donations every month and require a 6 month contract. Sperm banks pay $35 and $50 per donation. 

How to Chose a Sperm Donor

There are 2 types of sperm donor's: anonymous and known donors. You can ask someone you know to be a sperm donor for your child. If you choose a known donor, you will be able to ask them all about their medical and genetic background. If you choose an anonymous donor, the sperm bank should take care of all of this for you.

If you are looking for a donor, and decide to choose an anonymous donor, there are many things that you can find out about the donor. In most cases, you will not be able to find out the name of the donor. These are the things you can chose from:

  • Race
  • Age
  • IQ
  • Religious beliefs
  • Hair and eye color 
  • Height

When choosing an anonymous donor, they will not be considered by law, the biological father. There is no way to go back and make the donor responsible for the child either emotionally or financially.

The conceived child may never be able to find out who their biological father is. If they decide to pursue looking for their biological father, it can be a long drawn out process that could take years.

What Are the Costs of Using a Sperm Donor?

If you are thinking of using a sperm donor, there are costs involved with getting donated sperm. These costs can be minimal compared to in vitro fertilization and other treatments. The average cost of purchasing donated sperm is between $200 and $2000.

Other Tests and Screenings

The recipient must also go though screenings too. She must undergo tests to make sure she is fertile and healthy enough to carry a baby. She is also tested for diseases and STDs. Some facilities also make sure that the recipient has a stable relationship and is a stable person.

If you are unable to conceive a child because of infertility problems, or if you don't have a male partner is your life, sperm donation may be right for you. When considering a sperm donor, make sure the bank is a reputable and legal environment.

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