How to Prepare for Tubal Reversal Surgery

Preparing for tubal reversal surgery is necessary for a positive outcome. There are many steps you can take to ensure that the procedure goes smoothly and to aid you in the healing process. The healthier and more prepared you are before the surgery, the faster you'll recover.

Pre-Op Lab Tests

Chances are, you'll need to have lab work done in the coming weeks before your surgery. Your doctor will let you know if there are any medications you should or should not be taking, and you may be instructed to use a special cleanser for your abdominal area. Your doctor will instruct you when to use it, usually within a few days before your surgery.

Night before Surgery

Make sure you have a responsible adult to come with you and bring you home after surgery. This person will need to review your post-op care instructions while you're recovering. You may want to prepare a home care kit, with plenty of non-carbonated clear liquids, soft foods, a thermometer and ibuprofen. Most surgeons will instruct you not to eat solid foods the night before, but you can have jello and clear liquids. You may also need to take an antacid.

Day of Surgery

You'll need to shower and use your cleanser. If you're menstruating, use a pad rather than a tampon. Make sure not to eat or drink anything, not even water. Avoid wearing any makeup, perfumes or lotions, and don't smoke. Remove any jewelry, contacts or body piercings you may have before leaving for the surgery facility.

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