Vasectomy Reversal: Choosing a Center

Looking for the best vasectomy reversal center is important. If you are having a vasectomy reversal, you want to make sure that you trust the surgeon and the facility. There are many things to look for and to ask them when considering the facility.

Find Someone You Trust

Finding a doctor and medical team that you can trust is very important. Make sure that they answer all of your questions in detail, and make sure you understand. They should be understanding about your concerns and questions. If they do not make you feel comfortable about your surgery, then it is best to find someone else. The staff should also be friendly and make you feel comfortable. Check the Internet for doctors who have listed themselves on various website. Most of these websites only list the doctors if they are qualified.


Make sure that the office and the rooms are clean. You can even ask to see the surgical center. Making sure that it is a clean area will help you feel better about having the procedure done, and this also helps to reduce the possibility of infection.

Check the Qualifications

Make sure that the doctor you choose is qualified to do the surgery. Check online to see if he is a registered doctor. Ask your family doctor for a referral. You should trust that your family doctor will recommend someone he trusts to do a good job. It is also important that the doctor you choose specializes in the male anatomy.

Choose Which Method Is Best for You

There are different ways to perform the reversal. One of the best techniques to use is the micro-surgical technique. It has the best success rates. If you think this is the best technique for you, make sure that the doctor you choose is qualified to perform the micro-surgery.

Check the Success Rates

Check out the doctor's success rates. If he has good success rates, then you are most likely in good hands. High success rates prove that the doctor is qualified. Ask the doctor how many successful vasectomy reversals he has done and how many have failed. Keep in mind that each case is different, and not all vasectomies are able to be reversed.


There are many reversal clinics around, but finding one that is close to home may be important. If you end up traveling, you will need to add the travel costs into your budget. After a surgery or procedure, most people just want to go home and relax; this is not always possible if you need to travel far after the procedure.


The cost of the procedure is not always covered by insurance plans, so take into consideration the cost of the procedure. This will vary from clinic to clinic. Making sure that you are comfortable with the doctor and the facility is the most important thing. You do not want to choose a doctor or clinic with low success rates just because it is cheaper.

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