Welcome 2007.......

Happiness comes when you least expect it, and rarely when you try to make it happen. (All we need to do is notice it.) a quote I borrowed from the "Women who do too much" calender. With the New Year comes new goals. We reflect on the past year - see the things that worked for us and try to change the things that didn't work. What we forget in our quest to seek happiness is lose sight of the many blessings around us that we need to be thankful for. With 2007 already in gear (4th day) we have so much to look forward to as this year has great things in store for us all... Why? You ask. Because it is the "Year of the Golden Pig". In Korean tradition this year comes around every 600 years and comes with lots of good fortune in store for all of us. With This in mind, Happy New Year! to you all, my wish for everyone this year during your journey is to cherish your loved ones, know it is okay to stop and take a breather, and more important recognize the many good things already going on in our respective lives......
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