Fertility Treatments and Politics: Elizabeth Edwards

The political climate right now is really interesting because of the importance that is placed on the women who are involved in the game. While there's been an increasing trend towards the importance of "first wives" in political elections over the years, the heat has definitely been turned up because of Hillary Clinton's role in the proceedings. And because of that, women's issues are an important part of today's political game. Fertility and infertility issues have always been a kind of fringe topic that politicians mostly prefer not to talk about. While many conservatives will take a strong stance against abortion, most don't want to get into the murky waters of fertility treatments. Their religions may say something about fertility treatments going against God's Will but they don't want to alienate a voter base which is made up of women who may need these treatments to conceive. The importance of wife as mother is still thriving. So it will be interesting to watch how this issue may or may not come up in the current political situation. The reason that it can't be swept under the rug is because the Edwards conceived their children through the use of fertility treatments. There's a sad story to go with it which starts with the fact that they had a teenage son die a tragic death. After they recovered from the loss, they chose fertility treatments to assist them in getting pregnant again. Elizabeth Edwards was nearly 50 when the first of these children was born. (Learn more about Edwards and the other candidates here.) photo credit
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