Infertility Deserves More Than A One-Liner In Theater

Remember the movie Real Women Have Curves? (It starred America Ferrera before she became Ugly Betty.) The film got attention amongst a number of people because of the way in which it takes a very real-life look at the women's body issues across cultures and generations. That film touched on many issues that were brought up in a play of the same name back in the '90's. However reviews aren't so positive of a new version of the live theater performance which is happening up in Buffalo, New York. One of the major complaints about the live theater performance is that the play doesn't take the time to expound on the really important issues which face women. An example given is the issue of infertility which is addressed with what is essentially a one-liner before the play proceeds on to other issues. Of course, there are lots of women's issues to address and it's hard to bring them all up on one short play, but some say that development of certain areas at the expense of others didn't turn out too favorably this time around. photo credit
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