Infertility Is No Problem For English Actress Lucy Benjamin

English actress Lucy Benjamin had some fears that she was going to have problems with fertility. The celebrity, known throughout England for her role on the popular old soap opera EastEnders, waited until she was in her late thirties before having children. One of the things that she became most known for over in the UK was that she had struggled with a relationship with co-star Steve McFadden, a relationship which ultimately went nowhere. Given that situation, kids weren't exactly on her mind. But life has a funny way of working out. In a recent article at The Sunday Mirror, the actress reveals all of the changes that rapidly took place in her life. Within a really short time period, she met a man and got married and found out that she was pregnant. It was like a fairy tale that she hadn't ever planned on being a part of, let alone starring in. But she admits that when she did think about kids before getting pregnant, she assumed that she might have trouble with fertility. Her age, the fact that she had been on birth control pills for so many years and other factors all lead her to conclude that fertility treatments may be an option if she wanted to have children. Now a happy mom, that turned out not to be the case. Unfortunately, things aren't that easy for all women. Many women getting older in age face the same fears that Benjamin was facing as she thought about the possibility of having kids. And many women find that things don't go nearly so smoothly for them as they did for the English celebrity. But that's why fertility treatment options are out there. Just because it doesn't happen smoothly, there's no reason that you can't have the fairy tale as well. photo link
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