New Fertility Research is Underway in Bay Area

It's always important to keep our eyes on new research in the area of fertility. Of course, not all studies lead to results that are beneficial for women suffering form infertility issues but they all help us gain more information about the topic which ultimately leads to positive changes in the medical awareness of fertility. A new study is about to be launched in the San Francisco Bay Area which may help contribute to our better understanding of this topic. The study is a grant-based study of ViaCyte, a new product which may be able to open up new options for women suffering from infertility. The product uses a freezing-and-thawing of eggs to provide this alternative. Additional information can be obtained from this recent press release on the issue. The study is being done at the Reproductive Science Center of the San Francisco Bay Area. Women who are viable candidates for participating in the study are currently being solicited and screened so the actual study should begin soon. Keep your eyes on the issue to see what new results may come about as a direct result of this interesting research. photo credit
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