Parents of IVF Premie Just Want a Normal Life

Last year, a baby was born as a result of in vitro fertilization. That is normally a cause for celebration. And Ammillia Taylor's parents were certainly celebrating. But they were also fearing for their daughter's life. Amillia was the most premature baby ever to be born and manage to survive. At her birth (which occurred when she was only twenty two weeks old in her mother's body), she weighed just nine ounces. It took a significant amount of medical treatment and support to help her live. But she is now about a year past her birth and she seems to be doing well. And since her health is in the clear, her parents just want her to have a normal life. They don't want her to be known as "the most premature baby" but rather just as their baby. You can't blame them for wanting a normal life. All of the drama and emotion that comes along with infertility and in vitro fertilization is difficult to bear. The ups and downs of the pregnancy and the emotional rollercoaster of her early birth only served to amplify the already intense situation. Now that the treatments are over and the baby is healthy, the family just wants to relax and live their lives. It's difficult to say whether the Taylors will try to get pregnant again to give a sibling to Amillia. After all that they have been through, no one wants to ask the difficult question of whether or not they will be seeking more children in the future. But it's surely something that the family has at least considered. Of course, there are other options such as surrogacy and adoption if they want to add to their family without having to go through the same difficulties that they have faced in the past. photo link
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