The Benefits of Egg Donation For Both Parties

Have you ever thought about egg donation? Maybe you're in your early twenties, needing a little bit of cash and the advertisements for making money by donating your eggs have caught your eye. Perhaps you're an older woman who is ready to have children and you've thought about the option of egg donation for making that happen. What's holding you back? For many people on either side of the equation, there is the uncomfortable question of "what's in it for the other person?" We all like to think that people are being benevolent in their acts towards us, but we realize that this may not be true. Understanding the motivations behind egg donation can make the process much easier for both the donor and the recipient. Benefits of egg donation for the donor: Egg donation comes with a price tag and that money is often a motivating factor as to why young women want to become donors. This causes many potential recipients to hesitate because of fears that this motivation creates a pool of egg donors that is desperate for money. Recipients should know that egg donor applicants are carefully screened for suitability to the program. And recipients should also know that the egg donor receives other benefits that give her more altruistic motives for the donation. Many egg donors really do want to help out a family that can't have kids. The way that many girls see it, they aren't using those eggs and aren't planning to for awhile. So why not help out a family while getting some extra money to put themselves into a more professional spot so that they'll be ready to support kids when their time comes. Benefits of egg donation for the family: The recipient often sees the benefit to her as being obvious. She wants to have a child and this is the way to do it. But the donor sometimes can't see the situation as clearly as that. Even though she's not going to be a part of the child's life, she does feel some connection to those eggs and she wants to know that they are going to a good family that is going to properly raise the child that she is helping bring into this world. Egg donors should also know that families are screened carefully. Egg donation costs money so although recipients may not be rich, they do generally have the necessary means to support raising the child. And the fact of the matter is that egg donation is rarely the first choice for women wanting kids. These families have gone through a lot of turmoil and chose egg donation after a lot of thought. Egg donation can be a mutually beneficial experience. Working to understand what's going on for the other party can make it an easier experience for everyone. photo link
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