Which Celebrity Would You Select For Surrogacy?

Okay, okay, the fact of the matter is that you're probably not going to get a celebrity to be your surrogate. After all, one of the major reasons that people become surrogates is because they need the money and we all know that celebrities are not exactly desperate for extra cash. But what celebrities are desperate for is attention. To stay on top of Hollywood, they have to stay in the limelight and that sometimes means pulling gimmicks to get the attention of the media. So it's not impossible to think that your favorite celebrity might one day consider being a surrogate if only for the fact that it would get great coverage for at least nine months. So, in a hypothetical world, let's just say that you could select a celebrity to be your surrogate mom. Who would you choose? Would you go with someone who is particularly beautiful or with a celebrity known at least as much for her brains and ability as for her looks? Would you choose a celebrity that had a checkered past or try to find one that's got a lily white reputation, since you are going to have to explain the relationship to your child one day. And that's another thing to think about. If you were going to have a celebrity for surrogacy, what would be the other ramifications? You would always have the media paying attention to your child which you might think is awful or you might think is a terrific opportunity. What would you say are the biggest pros and cons to a celebrity surrogate? And who would be the one to give you the most pros with the least cons? photo credit
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