A Call for Ethics in Egg Donation

There has recently been attention in the fertility industry to the problem of agencies which engage in over-compensation and inappropriately high compensation for egg donors. There are some agencies which have been known to engage in the practice of adding compensation to the egg donor for such thing as proven academic ability or skill in sports. This leads to the kind of reports that we sometimes hear about parents trying to buy a "designer baby". Out of concern for the ethical problems of this situation, agencies are beginning to create ethics codes and guidelines which reflect their belief that egg donors should be appropriately compensated for their efforts but not over-compensated for the "quality" of their genes. These ethics codes follow the minimum guidelines which are laid out by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. The hope is that strictly adhering to these guidelines will limit the number of ethical problems encountered by prospective parents. Parents are often understandably nervous about who is going to be giving them their eggs. This is exacerbated by the fact that recipients and donors rarely understand each others' motivations for engaging in the transaction. This lack of understanding breeds problems that are heightened when issues like "designer baby egg donation" come in to the mix. Reducing those problems and fostering understanding between recipients and donors improves the experience for all involved. photo link
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