Benefits of a Baby Vacation

There is no clear "right" side in the debate about whether or not American women should get their in vitro fertilization done overseas. The reason that most women who do so go for the option is because the cost of IVF treatments in other countries is considerably lower than those done here in the United States. (We're seeing the same thing happen with surrogacy in India.) But there is evidence to suggest that there's another good reason to consider going on a vacation to get your fertility treatments: it might be more effective. The medical treatment itself can't be certain to be superior in another country. In fact, many would argue that it's actually inferior to the treatments given here in the United States. But some women say that simply the experience of being on vacation for the treatment can relax them enough to allow their bodies to get pregnant. There's nothing scientific about it but women's intution might know best. Getting IVF treatments done in another country can be a relaxing experience. You book a few weeks away with your partner and you go check out a place you've never seen before. Although you do spend time in a doctor's office, you also get to enjoy the time that you're not in the office. Your emotional highs and lows are much less frequent. Despite this, it is always suggested that you find a doctor at home to work with you on getting pregnant. photo link
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