Celebrity Fertility: Carrie Ann Inaba

Carrie Ann Inaba, the nearly-40-year-old judge from Dancing with the Stars, spoke recently on The View about her desire to have a baby. She expressed concerns about pressuring her boyfriend into having a baby too soon, emphasizing the fact that since he's only 25, children just might not be where he's at in life right now. What Inaba didn't delve into was the difficulty of getting pregnant at her age. Not to say that women in their forties can't get pregnant naturally but the fact of the matter is that more and more women think about infertility concerns after they've hit 40. This is certainly a factor on Inaba's mind; she doesn't want to wait too long before trying for a baby even if her dancer boyfriend isn't quite ready. However, she didn't address whether or not she would consider fertility treatments if it turned out that she was having difficulty conceiving. She did discuss that she really does want to be pregnant. So, she wouldn't be looking into surrogacy or adoption for having the baby of her dreams. Instead, if she had to go ahead with fertility treatments, she would most likely be looking at an option like in vitro fertilization. Would the daddy be on board? Only time is going to tell. photo link
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