Do Celebrity Trends Contribute to Delays in Pregnancy?

Last week reported that California women are increasingly delaying the age at which they start having babies. The study found that the number of women having babies between the ages of 40 and 44 has tripled in recent years. A number of contributing factors were suggested as possible reasons for this decision among women. One of those factors was that older celebrity women (such as Madonna and Halle Berry) are showing the world that it's possible to have babies at later ages without problems. The unfortunate fact, though, is that there are problems with delaying pregnancy. When you postpone the age at which you choose to have children, you increase your risk of infertility. This doesn't mean that you have to have kids earlier than you'd like to but it does indicate that you should consider the possibility that fertility treatments may be necessary to assist you with these later-in-life births. Question of the Day: Do you feel that celebrity fertility choices have affected your own? photo link
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