Hang Some Mistletoe In Your Home This Season

December is upon us and we're all in the mindset that Christmas is near. Perhaps you've already started your holiday decorating or maybe you're just about to begin. In either case, consider hanging up some mistletoe in the home this holiday season. It just could help with your fertility. Okay, maybe that's not really true. But the Ancient Druids believed that it was. They considered mistletoe to have several curative powers, including acting as a sort of voodoo treatment for infertility. Although you might not believe in the mistletoe myth, the plant has been successfully used for curative purposes unrelated to fertility. Learn more here. Of course, we don't think that you should rely on mistletoe alone to help you solve fertility issues. You should find a dcotor who can provide more modern medical approaches to help you get pregnant. But there's no harm in putting up a few sprigs of the plant in your home this season. It is a season for magic after all. photo link
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