Touching Book: Choice

Most women who are having difficulty conceiving a child are not going to think to pick up the new book called Choice. That's because the book is most well-known for providing true first-hand stories by women who have had abortions. A woman desperate to have a child doesn't really think to read about the emotional plight of women who have opted to terminate their pregnancies. But there is more to this book than just the abortion hype. And women with infertility issues may find that a number of stories in the anthology speak to their own hearts. Choice (subtitled Stories of Birth, Contraception, Infertility, Adoption, Single Parenthood and Abortion) is a collection of personal experiences with all different aspects of conception and motherhood. It takes a close look at the layered truths within the lives of women on both sides of surrogacy as well as for women who have made choices related to their infertility. During a time when you often feel alone in the world, it is touching stories like these that remind you that others have gone through what you have and are thriving. Read one review of Choice here. Question of the Day: Does reading about others who have dealt with fertility problems make you feel better or worse about your own situation? photo link
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