At-Home Infertility Testing

You're over the age of thirty five and trying to have a baby. You haven't conceived yet and you think that there might be a fertility problem. Should you go to a fertility doctor and get tested? Or should you check out one of the over-the-counter fertility tests that are now available on the shelves of your local pharmacy store? The Sun Herald recently ran an article about these at-home infertility tests, focusing specifically on one called Fertell. They point out that there are tests for men and for women so either party (or both) can determine how fertile they are in the privacy of their own homes. Well, kind of. As the article also points out, the tests may not be accurate for all types of people.
"At 40, even if the (Fertell) test were reassuring, there are so many other factors to consider - are the tubes blocked, are the sperm not only swimming but do they look normal, are their other factors involved," said Michele Pisciotta, a recently retired Gulfport obstetrician/gynecologist and mother of small children herself. "One monthly cycle may be smooth and ovulatory, but are the results consistent month to month, and so on. If I were 40 or older with the whole goal of bringing home a baby, I would not want to spend valuable time hanging my hat on this kind of result." (source)
The article goes on to suggest that these at-home fertility tests may be suitable for women or couples who have just started trying to conceive and are still relatively young. If you've just turned 35 and you just started trying to conceive a few months ago, there's no real reason to assume that you have a problem with infertility. If you just want to ease your mind about that, these tests could help. However, if you are seriously concerned about your fertility and are working actively to try to have a baby, going to a fertility doctor is the course of action that makes the most sense. Question of the Day: Would you rely on the results of an at-home fertility test? Why or why not? photo link
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