Feminist Reporter Recognized for Reporting News about Infertility

Many women today believe that it's fairly easy to find information about women's issues in the modern media. That may be true but it's only been in very recent years that issues such as in vitro fertilization and hormone replacement therapy made the headlines of the main news outlets. Just a decade ago, female reporters were still regularly fighting for the right to include stories about these issues in their regular reports. One of those reporters was Carole Simpson. This African-American woman who worked as a news anchor for ABC's World News Tonight was recently quoted by Ms. Magazine about the way that the media was formerly shaped primarily by the interests of "white men". It was noted that she was a leader in forcing men in her field to take seriously issues such as infertility which were formerly considered to only affect women in our society. The advances made by the media have come about through a number of different channels. However, there are still a significantly higher number of men in news management positions than there are women. If you're concerned about getting access to the best information about infertility and other "women's issues", pay attention to who is reporting the news around you. Women are still fighting to make sure that these stories make it to the front pages of your newspapers every day. Read more about the Ms. Magazine article on this issue from Newsbusters.org. Question of the Day: Do you believe that Web 2.0 media has had any impact on moving so-called women's issues into mainstream media? photo link
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