Good Idea: Preconception Health Advice

Two nurses in Great Britain aim to squeeze their consultation services in between the innocence of rather blindly trying to get pregnant and the trials and tribulations of infertility treatment. They say that it's often a matter of telling couples to have sex more often. Their business, Fertility Essentials, offers just that: knowledge that really is essential for procreation. Isn't it funny how few of us get to adulthood with this knowledge already intact? But there you have it. Even in a country where fertility treatment is virtually free (yes, within rules and boundaries, but as compared to the United States' system or lack thereof, the NHS does pretty well by its countrypeople), classes are still needed in the subject of How To Get Pregnant. "Preconception health" is a term that needs to be used more often in the United States, too. We often hear of prenatal health, referring to things an already-pregnant woman can do to enhance her developing baby's chances of a good outcome. But for the average adult, the notion of there even being a time period referred to as "preconception" doesn't often arise until it's an issue, most often then because the issue is one of TTC (trying to conceive.) That's when we finally learn about all the things we could've been doing before all that time passed without a pregnancy... Unfortunately, Family Practitioners and OB/Gyns are either not that good at getting the word out about this idea of preconception health (save for some educational posters and brochures in their exam rooms) or they don't see it as an issue warranting attention. After all, when you consider the amount of money spent on avoiding pregnancy and the fact that most patients of FP's and OB's simply "fall pregnant" as the British say, it would be easy for a doctor to conclude that teaching young people about how they might more finely tune their reproductive systems just isn't worth the time. Talk to fertility specialists, though, and you'll hear the contrary.
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