Faster, Less Painful Tubal Reversal Begins In FL

Women in the southeastern United States who have been consider tubal reversal surgery will probably be happy to know that a new procedure being done in Florida is faster and less painful than the traditional tubal reversal surgery. The new surgery is robot-assisted which means that doctors insert robots through small incisions to assist with the tubal reversal. This results in less incisions to the body meaning that the whole process goes more quickly and that the recovery time is considerably faster. In fact, the new tubal reversal surgery makes it possible for the procedure to be a single-day outpatient procedure and patients are able to return to normal daily activities within a few days of the reversal. This is considerably faster than the traditional tubal reversal which can take weeks of bed time for recovery. Learn more about the Florida hospital from the Orlando Business Journal. Learn more about the procedure from Intuitive Surgical.
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