How Far Would You Go For An Egg Donor?

The boundaries of the globe are getting increasingly easier to cross in all ways due to globalization and finding an egg donor is no exception to the trend. There are plenty of places in America where hopeful couples can look for an egg donor but many are taking their search outside of the United States to other destinations. Reasons for the increase in so-called "reproductive travelers" include a broader range of donors to choose from, lower costs for the egg donation and an overall quicker experience. AFP takes a look at the increase in such reproductive travelers heading to India to find their egg donors. They showcase the work happening at Malpani Clinic in Mumbai where the entire procedure costs less than $6000 USD. This low cost probably plays a large role in the increased interested in traveling overseas for the procedure. A doctor at a nearby clinic stated that the number of foreigners that she's seen coming over for egg donation has doubled in just the last year. Of course, there are risks associated with going overseas to get your egg donation. You should make sure that you look into the background of the clinic and the doctors who work there. After all, almost anyone can set up a website and you don't want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in travel to get to a place that you don't want to do your procedure. Would you go to these literal lengths to get your egg donation done elsewhere?
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