Multiple Births are on the Decline

Remember all of those stories back in the 1980's and 1990's about women on fertility drugs who ended up having quintuplets, sextuplets and more? You may have noticed a decline in the news announcements about these kind of births. If so, you might have chalked it up to the fact that it's not headline-making news anymore. But the real reason that you haven't heard about these births is that the incidence of them is going down considerably. The Courier-Journal from Louisville, KY cites a number of statistics which show that higher-order multiple births are on the decline in Kentucky as well as throughout the nation. They say that this is due in large part to the changes made in the IVF industry which are intended to protect mothers. Multiple-births of this nature pose significant health risks to moms (not to mention the potential mental health risks of suddenly having seven babies in your formerly childless home!) So the new rules followed by doctors performing IVF reduce the risk of multiple births to avoid these problems.
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