2 Fertility Stories, 1 Solution

The Press & Sun Bulletin recently ran an interesting article profiling two different women who achieved successful pregnancies with the assistance of fertility drugs. The women were different, their stories were different and their success was different. However, both women came to the same conclusion: fertility drugs work.
"Both Smyk and Wolfer say they advise any couple trying unsuccessfully to have children to try fertility treatments. "The science is out there to do it," said Wolfer, 40. "It can work." Both women say they don't regret all the shots, the countless trips to the doctor's office and the long wait to become a mother." (source)
The two women both had trouble conceiving naturally. They tried the various options available to them and both ended up with fertility injections. Both women got pregnant. One of them had prematurely born twins which required special care at the time of birth. However, both women were pleased with the families that resulted from their fertility treatments. Question of the Day: What fears do you face about fertility injections? photo link
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