Celebrity Fertility: Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross, the star of Desperate Housewives, has gained a lot of attention in the last couple of years because of her openness about her fertility issues. About a year ago, she gave birth to twins after successful use of in vitro fertilization treatments. She's thrilled with how well it worked for her but in a recent interview warned that if you can have kids when you're younger and avoid IVF, you should. She explains that IVF isn't easy. And it isn't cheap. And she says that if you can choose to have children at a younger age, you should avoid the cost and pain of the procedure and do things the natural way. She points out that many middle-aged women (especially in Hollywood) are in denial about their real age and that being honest with themselves about it is sometimes a better way to go. Of course, there are many different reasons why women have problems with fertility. As Cross has demonstrated, IVF can be a great way to resolve those problems and to start your family. But she just wants women to know that the process isn't simple. Question of the Day: What would be your biggest reason for waiting until later in life to have kids? photo link
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