Celebrity In Vitro Fertilization: Hugh Hefner and Holly Madison

There aren't too many celebrities out there who have used in vitro fertilization to get pregnant but there are a handful that we hear about every now and then. Rumor has it that Hugh Hefner might be added to that list. GlossLip reports that Hugh Hefner and one of his Girl Next Door girlfriends, Holly Madison were spotted in the waiting room of a gynecologist who specializes in using IVF to assist women in conceiving. Reportedly getting pregnant is Holly's idea, not Hef's, but both halves of the couple seem to think that bringing a new Hefner into the world is a smashing idea. Hefner is over the age of eighty so it might take some work from a qualified doctor to get his genes out of his jeans but the couple seems set on making it happen. Question of the Day: Do you think that a new Hef is a good idea? photo link
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