Field Mice Are Naturals At In Vitro Fertilization

Scientists have discovered that field mice have an infertility problem which they have evolved to naturally resolve using a system that is very similar to the in vitro fertilization that is used on humans today. Additional findings by the scientists suggest that there may be solutions other than in vitro fertilization for treating fertility problems that are caused by the male partner. Essentially, what scientists found was that field mice had developed an interesting evolutionary solution to a problem they had been facing. They eliminate a particular immune system protein in order to fertilize eggs more quickly so that they can outpace their field mice competitors in the race to populate their communities. It has been discovered that a similar thing may happen in adult men although the reason for it happening is different. The natural solution that field mice found is strikingly similar to IVF in humans. However, the hope of scientists is that by better understanding the process as it happens in field mice, they will be able to develop additional solutions for human males with infertility problems caused by a lack of this same protein. Question of the Day: Do you feel that looking to animals is a step forward or back in resolving infertility? photo link
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