Georgia Bill Could Make In Vitro Fertilization Illegal in the State

There is a bill being amended in the state of Georgia which has the potential to affect many women's lives. Although it is primarily directed at women interested in getting abortions in the state, it could reduce the possibility for all different types of reproductive choice. It could even make in vitro fertilization illegal throughout Georgia. The bill, officially known as House Resolution 536 - or HR536) is called The Human Life Amendment. It is specifically designed to outlaw abortion in the state, a move which many considered to be contrary to the free rights of women established years ago in landbreaking cases that legalized abortion. Even more frightening than its intended purpose is the fact that it could have broad ramification which will impact all women who are considering alternative methods of conception and birth. In other words, it reduces choices for women who are pregnant or who are interested in getting pregnant. Learn more here. Question of the Day: Would you take action against a bill amendment such as this one? photo link
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