Microscopic Testicular Sperm Extraction

Have you spent a significant amount of time researching your infertility treatment options? If so, you might think that you know the information about your choices inside and out. You could probably explain the whole process of in vitro fertilization to someone who had never heard of it before. You have probably already thought about alternatives to conception such as surrogacy and adoption. But there are a myriad of procedures out there that don't get talked about too often, so don't start thinking that you know everything quite yet. Some of the procedures that aren't as common are the ones that are associated with male reproductive health problems. One of those is miscroscopic testicular sperm extraction. This relatively rare procedure is available for men who have difficulty producing moving sperm. It has only come about in approxiamtely the last decade as doctors have begun to realize that moving sperm is not necessarily required for successful conception. The process, which was detailed recently in a news report over at SanLuisObispo.com, involves the doctor opening up the male's testicles and searching for tubules where sperm may be hiding. These are extracted microscopically and sent over to the in vitro fertilization lab where the additional steps towards conception can be taken. Although not done often, this has been successful for a number of couples. Question of the Day: Is this a procedure that you would consider? photo link
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