UK Woman Makes A Career Out of Surrogacy

There is a woman in Britain who has spent a lifetime making babies for other women to raise. 43-year-old Jill Hawkins has spent the past sixteen years of her life earning an income from being a surrogate mother. She is currently pregnant for the eighth time in a case which is controversial because she is believed to have mental health problems which could be related to a lifetime spent giving away the children she carried. Surrogacy is a wonderful option for parents who are struggling with infertility issues. When in vitro fertilization is unsuccessful, or when other factors are present which make it a less-than-appealing choice, surrogacy can bring a child into the homes of couples that aren't able to conceive themselves. However, it's not something which is easy for the couple or for the woman carrying the baby. It is unlikely that you will find someone in America who has been a surrogate more than once. However you should be comfortable speaking openly with your doctor and with the surrogate that you select to make sure that she is doing the procedure for the right reasons, whether it's her first time or not. You want to make sure that you're all making the difficult process as easy for each other as you can. Question of the Day: Would you use a surrogate who had already been through the process once before?

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