Acupuncture Success

UK scientists have discovered that women undergoing fertility treatments and acupuncture are more likely to have successful births. The University of Southampton did the study and found that 1 out of 3 women who are using IVF treatments and simultaneously having acupuncture done conceive successfully. The success rate of those who did not do acupuncture alongside IVF was 1 in 5. Some acupuncturists say that the success is due in part to relaxation and focusing on a healthier lifestyle. They claim that infertility is caused by imbalances in the liver and spleen, so the acupuncturist tries to heal and balance the system. There are no definitive links yet, however the experiments are showing positive outcomes of combining both treatments. The scientists in the UK are giving the thumbs up for continuing with acupuncture; however it is important to know these are still preliminary findings. If you want more information about other fertility treatments and options go to Photolink
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