Celebrity Fertility News: Chef Jamie Oliver and Wife Jools

Jools Oliver just announced she is pregnant with her third child. Lucky number 3 didn't come easy for this stellar celebrity couple. Jools and Jamie used a heavy dose of fertility treatments to conceive. Jools was taking an infertility drug called Clomid to help with their chances of a positive pregnancy. However, Clomid, alongside many infertility drugs has a number of horrendous side affects. Jools says she was "knackered constantly," felt dizzy and nauseas as well. This power couple wasn't jaded by their fertility problems; their first child was conceived using IVF. Had Clomid not worked, the couple was prepared to do another series of IVF treatments just as they had done a few years earlier. Jools publicized her pregnancy just last month, and is expecting baby number 3 sometime in April. If you're interested in infertility treatments like IVF or any other fertility related remedies go to fertilityproregistry.com. Photolink
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