Male Infertility Issues

Researchers at San Francisco Sate University are studying the link between proteomics and male infertility. The study of proteins may help scientists solve male infertility problems. The researchers say that the proteins found in sperm are essential to discovering the dynamics and reasons behind infertility and more importantly how it can resolve the matter. Proteomics would aid in the process by identifying which proteins in the sperm are dysfunctional. The study says that because the proteins found in sperm are unique, with more information and experiments, they may be able to tailor and target methods aiming at specific proteins that are considered infertile or rejects. One researcher highlights the importance of this study.
"Up to 50 percent of male-factor infertility cases in the clinic have no known cause, and therefore no direct treatment. The ultimate goal is that a doctor could be able to say to a patient, 'this is the protein that is mis-regulated in your sperm and this is the drug that corrects it or decreases the level of that protein."
Hopefully with this information doctors can better rectify the plaguing male infertility issue hindering many couples trying to conceive. If you are suffering from male or female infertility, may answer some of your questions or help you find a fertility clinic in your area. Photolink
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