Women are not the only ones hearing their biological clock tick with age. Men too are facing fertility issues as they grow older. When men reach their mid-30s and early 40s to start a family, their chances of impregnating their female counterpart becomes more of a struggle. Scientists also say the chances of miscarriage are heightened as well; this is due in part to poorer quality of sperm. The study released by the Sydney IVF clinic, said that men over 35 had dramatically higher percentages of damaged and unhealthy sperm. We may think that women are the victims of the biological clock; it is now evident that men suffer from the same ticking-time-bomb. The study even said that men over 35 were 75% more likely to have their partner suffer a miscarriage. Men's fertility issues have stormed into the limelight with such recent studies, shedding new light on treatments and attention. Hopefully with such findings, fertility experts can begin to focus some attention on male issues and develop treatments and resources for struggling men.

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