Fertility Hope for Girls with Cancer

Young girls destitute with cervical or ovarian cancer have found a glimmer of hope. Once told that they wouldn't be able to bear children are now being told they may have a future in motherhood. Fertility experts say by preserving ovarian tissue for later use. The Israeli researchers found that of the girls ages 5-20 with cancer, some healthy eggs were able to be preserved and 34% of the eggs successfully matured. Dr. David Adamson, one of the lead researchers told US News, "As our ability to treat childhood cancers improves, it becomes more important that those survivors are able to live rich, full lives, including the ability have children. This research helps moves us to the goal of allowing paediatric cancer survivors to become parents." Next up is for researchers to test if these eggs can be fertilized properly. If so, fertility hopes among cancer ridden female youth will be heightened and much appreciated. This is monumental progress in the field of infertility treatment. Photolink
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