Prisoners taking part in IVF Treatment

A British prison is allowing male inmates to take part in IVF treatments so their female partners can have children. The prisoners at Swaleside Jail heard about the news Novembers 23rd through a prison newsletter reading, "Local Notice to Prisoners, Prisoner Access to IVF Treatment." However the process will not be made easy for these men, whoever is interested much fill out an application form and the prison Governor will assess it and ultimately make the final decision. One of the primary concerns and rules for the treatment is,
"the welfare of any child born as a result. Evidence is needed to show that the couple's home is satisfactory."
The prison must make sure the home environment is suitable for a child. The new IVF law has many people bewildered and frustrated, some opposes say allowing prisoners to have such treatments is breeding dysfunctional homes and a bad influence for children. Hopefully the same stringent rules for IVF will be transfer to the Prisoners IVF, meaning that not every couple can get it done, they must actually qualify. Photolink
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