Sperm Donors Wanted

Fertility experts warned Britain that they are having a sperm donor shortage around the country. The reason behind the recent dwindling numbers of male donors is because in 2005 the UK passed a confidentiality law permitting children to find their biological fathers. The backlash has been fewer donors. Allan Pacey a member of the British Fertility Society said to the Associated Press today,
"The only countries that seem to have enough sperm are those that pay - like the U.S. and Spain - or the countries that retain anonymity. In the countries that have removed anonymity ... there seems to be a problem."
The numbers have dropped from 503 sperm donors in the early 1990s to 300 in 2006. The fertility experts say 500 donors a year is the ideal mark to meet in order to satisfy the number of infertile couples looking for a donation. Hopefully British lawmakers will ease up the stringency on the sperm donor law to increase donation numbers yet again. The Dutch had to do the same thing in 2004 when their anonymity law passed and donor numbers plummeted. Photolink
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