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shutterstock_21813559%5B1%5D.JPG We all know Brooke Shields is famous. For years she's flooding our airwaves and hearts with films and television shows, but now Shields is taking on a new endeavour - promoting fertility treatments. Shields is our new-aged feminist fertility advocate, being a woman who underwent a number of fertility treatments she says she knows the pain and torment associated with trying to successfully conceive. A few years prior to marrying her husband Chris Henchy, she found out she had pre-cancerous cells in her cervix, causing some unwanted and bothersome fertility problems. For nearly a year Shields and Henchy tried to conceive naturally, but since Brooke was 36 her doctor advised them to seek infertility treatments like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). After endless months of treatment the couple ultimately had a miscarriage. It wasn't until a while later that they conceived. So the star-studded duo are making their story known and advocating infertile couples to seek out treatment.
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