Secondhand Smoke Dangers

If you're looking for another reason or motivation to quit smoking read on. Scientists at the University of Rochester may have found a dangerous link between women exposed to secondhand smoke and infertility issues. Women exposed to secondhand smoke either has women or children are nearly two times more susceptible to fertility problems like miscarriage. Science Daily released a report saying,
"An epidemiologic analysis of more than 4,800 non-smoking women showed those who were exposed to second hand smoke six or more hours per day as children and adults faced a 68 percent greater chance of having difficulty getting pregnant and suffering one or more miscarriages."
Of the nearly 5,000 women surveyed nearly all had at one point in time been highly exposed to smoking, while half of the women said they grew up in households where at least one parent was a smoker. Of these women, more than 40% had problems getting conceiving naturally. So if you're facing infertility complications and you or your significant other smoke, you may want to consider quitting.
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