Taxpayers Funding IVF Treatments

money_fertility_dec08.JPG Australian taxpayers are paying for older women (55+) to have free In Vitro Fertilization treatments. In just four years millions have been spent on Medicare bills for women over 40 having infertility treatments across Australia. As women begin to delay child-birth, more money is necessary to fund fertility, because with older ages comes lesser chances of successful births. The Herald Sun reported today about the findings,
"The Daily Telegraph's investigation found in 2007-08 there were 55,055 services provided to women under the IVF Assisted Reproductive Services scheme. Women aged 40 received $11,033,997 but the figures also reveal an unknown number of women aged 55 and beyond received $9246."
It leads physicians and many people wondering, are we causing serious problems by delaying the child-bearing years? Do our career choices negatively impact taxpayers money and fertility treatments?
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