Carrying Your Best Friend's Baby

They say it takes a village to raise a child. The idea is that a child needs a whole community of people around him or her to find the love, support, education and guidance that get them through childhood and into a productive adulthood. These days, the village is gone for most people and we rely on a small network for friends and service care providers to assist us in raising our children. But there are some people out there who are recreating the family village in a right-to-the-heart kind of way. Take the case of Dana Lee Luke and Jane Phillips. These women have been best friends for about as far back as they can remember, the kind of friends that take care of each other and help support the families that one another has. More than that, they've helped create each other's families. Literally. Jane has recently given birth to twins after being the surrogate mother for Dana who was unable to have children of her own. Jane, who is slightly older than Dana Lee, had already had two children of her own. She was getting into her late thirties and they all decided that now was the time if it was going to happen. Using money obtained from the assistance of a non-profit organization for infertility, they successfully harvested Dana's eggs, fertilized them and implanted them into Jane. The babies were recently born and are doing well. Question of the Day: If you could, would you carry a baby for your best friend? photo link
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