Fertility Experts to Speak at Gay Marriage Events

There are two major gay pride events happening in the days to come. These events are important for many reasons including the fact that they address the issue of parenting as a gay married couple. For that reason, adoption, fertility and surrogacy specialists will be available with information.
"On Feb. 23, the MEGA Family Project offers a workshop to explore options for prospective parents. Then on Feb. 24, the "Same Love, Same Rights Wedding & Planning Expo" returns to Atlanta for its fourth annual event showcasing local, gay-friendly vendors". (source)
The events reach out to many different types of people in the community. They work on providing professionals, such as infertility experts, with the tools and resources to meet the unique needs of gay parents. They also work on bringing information to the parents themselves. The two events differ in that the first is mostly about offering information whereas the second is mostly about business and political issues in the gay community. However, both events are bringing important issues into the limelight to be discussed. Question of the Day: Do you believe that fertility concerns of gay parents are the same as those of straight parents? photo link
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