Infertility and Breast Cancer

There are many young women who face having to deal with a diagnosis of breast cancer. This alone is a difficult situation. However, it is made more difficult for women who are interested in having children in the future. The treatments for breast cancer can limit the fertility options for these women, causing difficult treatment decisions to become even harder to decide. There are professionals in the industry working towards solutions to the problems that these women face. For example, a non-profit organization serving a network of hospitals in Ohio has just added a fertility specialist to its team of professionals. This is designed for the specific purpose of addressing the fertility concerns that face an increasingly younger generation of women who are dealing with breast cancer. More and more women under the age of forty are coping with breast cancer. These women face early menopause, post-diagnosis pregnancy and other fertility issues that older women aren't facing. This is a relatively new issue in the medical community and one which is going to require solutions for a growing number of patients. Question of the Day: What would be your biggest fertility concern after a breast cancer diagnosis? photo link
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